Dream Analysis and Psychological Counseling According to C. G. Jung

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Do you find yourself in a difficult personal or professional situation and you don’t know what to do about it?


Do you need support in a new phase of your live, such as separation from your partner, retirement or career change?


Are you looking for a form of therapy that considers not only the conscious psyche but also the messages of dreams?


Do you dream regularly at night? Would you like to understand what your dream images mean and how they can help you in situations of conflict?


Do you have recurring nightmares?


Are you struggling to remember your dreams or would you like to dream more?

As a certified Jungian analyst, I work with Carl Gustav Jung’s depth psychology. It takes into account the unconscious and relies on the healing effects of dreams.

“But it is a fact that, in addition to memories from a long-distant conscious past, completely new thoughts and creative ideas can also present themselves from the unconscious—thoughts and ideas that have never been conscious before.”

(C. G. Jung in: Man and his Symbols)

What is C. G. Jung’s depth psychology based on?

(it is also called analytical psychology)

Jung’s depth psychology is based on the fact that our consciousness is only a part of the psyche. Even what we are not aware of always has a helpful or disturbing effect in our lives. Be it during the day, for example in emotional situations, or at night in dreams. While we are sleeping,

dreams can give us clues for dealing with problems that we would never think of while awake. Dreams have a healing effect. Their images and symbols speak directly to our feeling.
Am I being attacked by a big black dog? Or is my dog jumping towards me full of joy and playing with me? Is my house on fire? Am I lying outside under a beautiful starry sky? Such scenes touch us. They contain symbolic messages that are very individual and at the same time always archetypal.

Dreams make us human beings whole, because they compensate for our often one-sided conscious attitudes towards life. They offer us help from our own depths.

Therefore, whenever possible, I include dreams in my psychological counseling.


More about dreaming and interpretation of dreams

If at all, many people recall nightmares only. Single or recurring tormenting images and feelings appear in the dream: fear, death, threat, persecution, burglary … Nowadays, for example, many people dream about an upcoming exam. They arrive too late and are poorly prepared or not prepared at all.

Especially recurring dreams point out that something unconscious wants to be noted and understood. If one can understand the symbolism of tormenting dream images and realize their messages, then the nightmares can disappear.

Beautiful dreams also contain precious information. Sometimes they occur when we are not feeling well at all and thus give us confidence. In a dream, a newborn baby, for instance, can indicate a new possibility in life that opens up quite unexpectedly.

Balancing Opposites

One of the most important aspects of my psychological counseling is dealing with opposites.

Our whole life is based on opposites like day and night, joy and suffering, you and me, inside and outside, mind and feeling, young and old, conscious and unconscious etc. What causes us pain or difficulties are mostly clashing opposites.

Especially in our interpersonal relationships we experience how opposites mutually attract or repel each other. How do I function? How do others function? Why does something in my partner bother me so much? Is it perhaps because I see in them a still undeveloped side of mine?

Which opposites determine my life? The goal of every psychic development is to achieve a balance in which opposites actually complement and nourish, rather than obstruct, each other. Experience has shown that dreams can offer great support in this process.

Susanne Weiss Dream Analysis according to C. G. Jung

S. W., 2022 – Red and Green: contrasting colours that complement each other to a wholeness)


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